Practical Info

Info to check when travelling




No visa is required in Senegal

Flights from europe usually arrive to dakar airport around midnight.members of the organisation will wellcome you and thake you to the hotel which is 5 minuts from the terminal.

Participants will find several rooms with 2 to 6 beds.all rooms have it’s own sanitary facilities (wc/showers/bed linen and towel). Your participation fee includes accomodation in shared rooms.private rooms could be available upon request.we remind you that accomodation, breakfast,lunch and diner are included

First workshop starts on 01/07/2016. Second workshop starts on 16/07/2016. We recomend to arrive the night before. After a briefing speech from the coordinator, the schedule, workshops and the groups will be defined every day.

Each participant is responsible for arranging an insurance coverage, accident, liability and health insurance for travel abroad including return transport to your country as well as theft insurance.

Highly reccomended get a short term insurance to protect from unpredictable accidents.

Even though the risk for the average traveller in senegal is low please avoid risks and make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before this trip.

We can expect high temperatures during this time,but could be cooler or even rainy in the south of the country.

The unit of currency is west african franc (cfa). Banks and change offices are found in all larger towns across the country.

Exercise your common sense.stay away from dark strets,rely on taxis and avoid wearing expensive jewelery.

Things that are necesary to bring along: working clothes, first-aid kit.