“Serene yet chaotic; untouched yet urban, ancient yet modern, dreamed yet very real, rich, poor, new, sacred, sexy, wise, fast and funny… Africa cannot be contained”
(Yodit Eklund, founder of Bantu Wax)

Africa is synonymous of regeneration renewal and growth; we believe that diving into this cultural phenomenon is a unique opportunity to become familiar with people who within design are transforming their society.

We believe that designers hold the key to changing the world for the better in all that they create, build and envision for humanity. We believe that by exchanging with designers of different cultures we would create long-lasting and prosperous change for the planet and its people.

Route has born in the bosom of Artlantique, a company that transforms into objects of design the wood of old African fishing boats. Both projects share a common philosophy: to direct new social necessities towards sustainable development

Route exists to propose an academic project focused on bringing people from different cultures together to work with African creators. It aims to promote through the common language of creation an area of exchange between African and international creatives.

Route builds bridges of understanding between different cultures through design.

Route is an exceptional opportunity to exchange a creative experience